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Royal Chundu is an award-winning lodge in the bespoke offering of accommodation services in Southern Africa. A hotel facility that subtly shrouds itself along the beautiful banks of River Zambezi, holding the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe in a cold, wet embrace.

This Zambian destination is one of Africa’s topmost hideaways of unstoried serenity, where romance meets adventure in what is an intimate enmeshing that makes the place an ideal getaway experience. Downstream of this place, you would find the famous Victoria Falls, lying just 30 km away.

Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media

Royal Chundu doesn't just make the headlines because it's a member of Relais & Chateaux, but also probably because the Zambian hotel boasts of two lodges, one River Lodge and the other Island Lodge. Both lodges are blessed with picturesque views of the Zambezi waters flowing seemingly endlessly into the horizon.

There are 10 exclusive River Lodge suites, all of which camouflage among the riverine vegetation while bouncing off beams of sunlight in a secluded and tranquil allure. Charming and somewhat clandestine, the 4 spacious villas in the Island lodge are accentuated by its location, resting on the river-island of Katombora and under the never-go-away canopy of gushing rapids.

River Lodge

River Lodge beats its island counterpart in size, scattering 10 fine suites along the riverfront, with carefully placed wooden desks that seal the seal from some breathtaking and intimate views conveyed by privacy that is hardly ever interrupted. If you are looking for a suite that is close to a river, then this league even does you one better by directly overlooking the Zambezi River while looking as if it intends eavesdropping and prying into the kaleidoscopic landscape of neighboring Zimbabwe.

The suites are garnished with thatch roofing, and the interiors are splattered with adequate, functional furniture that do well to echo the hues of the darling river and garner amplification for the surrounding natural beauty. There is an outdoor boma for dinners created for guests, just around the fire. A lounge and bar intertwined structurally and joins forces with the boma to encompass the main area. Thanks to the within-stroll’s-reach to a helipad, River Lodge can be easily accessed anytime and any day.

Island Lodge

As is the custom for most mainland-island competitions, the latter often takes the cake home. They say that Royal Chundu’s Island Lodge, compared to its river counterpart is the real romantic perfection and ideal hideaway one can just cozy in the entire day. In an exclusive fashion, this lodge is located on the very banks of the Katombora Islands, yet another worthy scene that offers everyone privacy and calm. While you can access the lodge by boat, it also provides free transfer to and fro at just about any time.

Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media

There’s a combined lounge, restaurant and bar with indoor and outdoor dining facilities in the main areas, tailored with the same fashion employed in the River Lodge. The Island Lodge as well is characterized by an infinity pool, fireplace, comfy sofas, and loungers, all of which are put in place to afford guests quite some cozy atmosphere. Provided for anyone from couples on a honeymoon trip to friends on a weekend getaway, there’s a private breakfast picnic you can enjoy on the riverbanks of the sparkling river, affording you a chance to stuff your face while relishing in nature.


When you are living upstream to one of the seven world wonders, the Victoria Falls, there is a chance you would not think about playing the game of eighteen holes. But only golf enthusiasts would quite understand that the serenity sets the mood for some hits and rounds, something that can get your scoreboard looking like a premium phone number.

While the follow through of Royal Chundu makes all the difference, guests can use the great views to try a round of golf on either side of Victoria Falls. There are two top-class golf courses, with the first being in the history-filled town of Livingston in Zambia: the Livingstone Royal Golf & Country Club; one beauteous 100-year-old 18-hole golf course that spreads its wings for a historical clubhouse with a veranda, restaurant, and bar.

Well, if you think this is the height of it, wait till you hear about the second golf course choice. The Zimbabwe Elephant Hills Golf Course, which was the contrivance of PGA-great Gary Player, to provide more than ample challenges in its complete 18 holes. For side attractions, there's an off-looking warthog or waterbuck you would have to compete with as well. Not attractive?

Culinary Services

At Royal Chundu, wining and dining is an integral part of the experience, something the management takes as one of its topmost priorities. Through walkways, guests can get to the main lodge where native pan-African and cross-border dishes are just coming down from the fire.

Thanks to the availability of an executive chef, guests can enjoy some off of the best Zambian dishes as well as those from countries such as France, England, and Italy.

While there is no fixed dress code, the hotel implores that diners wear something smart casual for the dinners. There’s an indoor and outdoor dining option, with the former being in ethnic elegance and the latter being open-air in the Chef’s Boma.

Whether within four walls or in the chill of the night, the chefs at Royal Chundu truly know their business when it comes to preparing dishes that are a stark reflection of the cultural heritage of the region, as well as the hospitality of Zambians. All supplies are freshly sourced from a 3 km radius of the lodge to keep carbon footprints to the barest minimum and generate income of the local community. Using truly Zambian ingredients, the cuisines are woven with a regional flavor served with an international appearance.

The most prominent meals include berry-smoked quail, poached seasonal cumquats, feta salad and spinach creamed with ground peanuts.

Children’s Club

There’s a place for kids at this gorgeous hotel facility, a child-friendly getaway offering where families can simply sit back, cozy up and have a fun time together. Here, there is no age bracket. So long as one qualifies as a child, he or she is not just welcome, but specifically catered for in the club, made lively with daily programs packed with lots of excitement.

Both the Island Lodge and River Lodge can take care of 2 adults sharing with 2 children in terms of sleeping. Once you arrive at Royal Chundu, a guide who will be the first person to approach you, will have talks concerning your activity options. The information the guide will want to get from you to help the hotel prepare efficiently for your stay include the size of your family, the ages of your kids and the weather in which you are most comfy in.

While such discussion goes, each of the kids will be treated to special copies of the River Safari Adventure Pack. First off on the list of the family fun time is an enjoyable treasure hunt that will help the kids get to know and become relaxed with the staff and surroundings.

This also allows you get that peace of mind and freedom throughout the day, affording you ample time you could spend with your spouse or date. Parents are free to key into the fun the kids will be having during the provided activities or simply relax somewhere else with the assurance that the young ones are safe with the Chundu River Guides and Child Minders.

There is a proliferation of activities for children at Royal Chundu, including leaf and flower pressing, frogging safari, fishing tag and release from the deck, birding, sunset cruises, guide quizzes, village life lessons, and others. If your kids perform well, they’d be going home with a certification and a prize. Facilities provided for them include rim flow pool, life jackets, board games, children’s books, and TV lounges.

Catching Fun

There are exciting mediums and places you can go catch fun while staying at Royal Chundu. Thanks to the great environment and impeccable views, there’s much more to it than just soaking in a chilly surrounding and swimming in a natural water body.

Riding On African Skies

The first on the list, monikered as The Flight of Angel, is a 15-minute riding-on-the-sky flight and soar above the islands in the Zambian side of the Falls. Abandoning the inhibitions on a microlight trip over the famous Victoria Falls and the impeccable gorge the river has carved out for itself since the turn of the millennia, you can also experience a 30-minute tour over both the Falls and upstream above the Kalai Island for a low swoop on to of the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

If anything, this is the one African chance you get to cruise over a UNESCO World Heritage site while wing-mounted cameras capture your grins, smirks, screams, and wows.

Dining On A Train

Have you ever dined on a steam train? Or do you even think it’s a thing? Well, wonder no more, because Royal Chundu has made a yet-to-be-dreamed-of come true by providing a romantic five-star dining on the tracks. All you need to do to be a part of this awesomeness is board the Royal Livingstone Express for what is a journey of 15 km via the breathtaking Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, on the merry ride of one of the most historic African railway lines.

On this mechanical voyage, you can choose to disembark and take to the golden sunset, feeling every taste of pre-dinner drinks in the lounge. Also enjoy the observation cars before your six-course meal is brought in, which has been whipped up by Sun International’s Royal Livingstone in the dining carriage.

Tour The Chobe National Park In Botswana

Chobe is one of Botswana's most prolific wildlife sanctuaries, a place home to some of the largest concentrations of game in Africa. Take a tour to the Chobe National Park in another but close-by country entirely, which offers impeccable game-viewing on 4X4 game drives and boat cruises down the magnificent Chobe River.

A splendid safari plus to any Victoria Falls and itinerary at Royal Chundu, the wildlife trip promises and delivers sightings of Africa’s elephants and other significant games. In this park, there are strong chances you will come across lions and similar predators, so keep your hopes up and eyes open. This tour lasts the whole day, starting from an 8 AM departure at the hotel and concluding with a drop off at 5 PM.

White-Water Rafting

Because it's almost all about the waters here, guest can ride the raging Zambezi, experiencing the white water rapids. This one's for the daredevils, but everyone will be guided through the rapids by experienced guides that will help each maneuver the boat down what is the fourth largest river in the continent.

Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media

While you are busy getting wet, a photographer will chase the rapids alongside you to document each moment so you can relive it hours later in the comfort of your bedroom. With the dry season comes a bumpier ride, and the months after the rains are equally as exhilarating, even as the whirlpools and boils give off a few surprises of their own. For the sake of really finishing strong, conclude the day with a hike up the gorge, an experience that finally lets you enjoy lunch atop one of the world’s most majestic rivers.

The other activities you can enjoy during your stay at Royal Chundu are more than the ones we have addressed, so you have an idea of the heckload of fun you're bound to be surrounded with. From abseiling to bungee jumping, horse riding, golfing, jet boating, venturing to the edge of the Livingstone Island and touring the Victoria Falls on foot, the fun seems almost too much. Aside exceptional service, great food, scenic views, natural environment and quietude, these experiences all help you simulate that long awaited holiday experience.

Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
Joshua David Dinnerman Media or JDD Media
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